This workshop series exands on the previous workshop series. That series introduced some of the foundational concepts of data analysis using the R statistical environment. Those included an introduction to the tool set of R and R Studio as well as soon of the major tools:

  • Good programming practices
  • Data cleaning
  • Dealing with factors
  • Dealing with dates and times
  • Plotting with ggplot2

The slides and videos from these recordings are available here.

What we will do

This subsequent workshop series will expand upon the principles discussed in the Introduction to Data Analysis series. In this series we will use the skills learned and apply them to the following topics:

  • R Markdown Documents: Communication of results and findings is truly the mission of any analysis. In this workshop we will expand on how to build reports, slide shows, and even websites using R Markdown to document and communicate our results.

  • Survey Analysis: In this workshop we will explore applied survey analysis with R, specifically the survey package by Thomas Lumley. Attendees will review techniques for specifying survey objects, performing post-stratification, raking, and trimming. We will then use these survey designs to produce desired statistics.

  • Bayesian Modeling and Inference: This workshop will address how to perform Bayesian modeling using R. Bayesian modeling (sometimes called Bayesian Inference) treats outcomes as random variables with probability distributions. This workshop will cover how to apply some basic Bayesian analysis with specific focus on the brms package. Some advance knowledge of modeling in R will be helpful, but not required.


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