1. Public Health with Laurie Garrett: Wastewater Testing (www.microbe.tv)
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  44. Some things, like cubes, tetrahedrons, and Venn diagrams, seem so simple and natural that it’s kind of a surprise when you learn that their supply is very limited. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  45. Should Your Flu and COVID Shots Go in Different Arms? (www.theatlantic.com)
  46. “The distinction between exploratory and confirmatory research cannot be important per se, because it implies that the time at which things are said is important” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
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  62. “You should always (always) have a Naive model. It’s the simplest, cleanest, most intuitive way to explain whether your system is at least treading water. And if it is (that’s a big IF), how much better than Naive is it.” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
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