1. My SciML Webinar next week (28 Sep): Multiscale generalized Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with delayed rejection (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  2. Millennials Have Lost Their Grip on Fashion (www.theatlantic.com)
  3. In which we answer some questions about regression discontinuity designs (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  4. A message to Parkinson’s Disease researchers: Design a study to distinguish between these two competing explanations of the fact that the incidence of Parkinson’s is lower among smokers (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  5. How to quit smoking, and a challenge to currently-standard individualistic theories in social science (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  6. It’s the Best Time in History to Have a Migraine (www.theatlantic.com)
  7. The Freaky Friday that never happened (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  8. “Creating Community in a Data Science Classroom” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  9. “Are there clear examples of the opposite idea, where four visually similar visualizations can have vastly different numerical stats?” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  10. Harvard law prof sez: “I believe that if [universities] are going to accept blood money . . . the should only ever accept that money anonymously.” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  11. TWiV 1045: Less Lassa, CRISPR RNA viruses (www.microbe.tv)
  12. “Evidence-based medicine”: does it lead to people turning off their brains? (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  13. TWiV 1044: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  14. Omid Malekan on why crypto is not a scam (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  15. How big problem it is that cross-validation is biased? (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  16. Evaluating Visualizations for Inference and Decision-Making (Jessica Hullman’s talk in the Columbia statistics seminar next Monday) (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  17. Better Than Difference in Differences (my talk for the Online Causal Inference Seminar Tues 19 Sept) (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  18. The Only Productivity Hack That Works on Me (www.theatlantic.com)
  19. The One Thing Everyone Should Know About Fall COVID Vaccines (www.theatlantic.com)
  20. Why Has a Useless Cold Medication Been Allowed on Shelves for Years? (www.theatlantic.com)
  21. Crypto scam social science thoughts: The role of the elite news media and academia (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  22. Analyst positions available at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau! (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  23. Using forecasts to estimate individual variances (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  24. What’s the difference between Derek Jeter and preregistration? (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  25. Never Acquire Clothes the Same Way Again (www.theatlantic.com)
  26. The authors of research papers have no obligation to share their data and code, and I have no obligation to believe anything they write. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  27. Where End-of-Life Care Falls Short (www.theatlantic.com)
  28. TWiV 1043: Marion Koopmans on COVID-19, Mpox, H5N1, polio and One Health (www.microbe.tv)
  29. Improving Survey Inference in Two-phase Designs Using Bayesian Machine Learning (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  30. TWiV 1042: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  31. Immune 71: Can parasitic worms prevent pandemics? (www.microbe.tv)
  32. When I said, “judge this post on its merits, not based on my qualifications,” was this anti-Bayesian? Also a story about lost urine. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  33. We Have No Drugs to Treat the Deadliest Eating Disorder (www.theatlantic.com)
  34. This is what “power = .06” looks like (visualized by Art Owen). (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  35. The Big COVID Question for Hospitals This Fall (www.theatlantic.com)
  36. The Taint of Nuclear Disaster Doesn’t Wash Away (www.theatlantic.com)
  37. Forking paths in medical research! A study with 9 research teams: (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  38. A rational agent framework for improving visualization experiments (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  39. PhD student, PostDoc, and Research software engineering positions (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  40. What happened with HMOs? An update and an empirical research question. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  41. A client tried to stiff me for $5000. I got my money, but should I do something? (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  42. “Sources of bias in observational studies of covid-19 vaccine effectiveness” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  43. ‘Is It the Time of the Month When the Truth Comes Out?’ (www.theatlantic.com)
  44. How many Americans drink alcohol? And who are they? (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  45. TWiV 1041: Novel oral polio vaccine? with Raul Andino and Kostya Chumakov (www.microbe.tv)
  46. “Latest observational study shows moderate drinking associated with a very slightly lower mortality rate” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  47. TWiV 1040: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  48. Advice on writing a discussion of a published paper (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  49. The variation-ignoring junk science that’s promoted by the Association for Psychological Science and related academic celebrities. It’s like a poker player thinking: “okay, if push all in from the button I’ll win 3.6 big blinds each and every time.” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  50. ChatGPT (4) can do 3-digit multiplication (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  51. Fall’s Vaccine Routine Didn’t Have to Be This Hard (www.theatlantic.com)
  52. My two courses this fall: “Applied Regression and Causal Inference” and “Communicating Data and Statistics” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  53. Chris Chambers’s radical plan for Psychological Science (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  54. How Bad Could BA.2.86 Get? (www.theatlantic.com)
  55. Some Open Questions in Statistics (my talk this Fri, 1 Sep 2023, at the University of Michigan) (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  56. Should We All Be Eating Like The Rock? (www.theatlantic.com)
  57. There are no underpowered datasets; there are only underpowered analyses. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  58. Differences between boy and girl dinosaurs: Going beyond p-values and dichotomous thinking (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  59. TWiV 1039: Landmines for phages, a mouthful of redondoviruses (www.microbe.tv)
  60. Update on Retrodesign: R package for Type M and Type S errors (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  61. Blast from the past (hot hand edition) (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  62. A Genetic Snapshot Could Predict Preterm Birth (www.theatlantic.com)
  63. TWiV 1038: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  64. Is Salsa Gazpacho? (www.theatlantic.com)
  65. U.S. congressmember makes the fallacy of the one-sided bet. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  66. Cureus, its reviewing, and its “Scholarly Impact Quotient” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  67. How well do engineers understand probability? (question from an aeronautical engineer) (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  68. Zero Lead Is an Impossible Ask for American Parents (www.theatlantic.com)
  69. Why does education research have all these problems? (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  70. Editorial processes and ethics approval — Case study of 248 studies with the same ethics approval number (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  71. thefacebook and mental health trends: Harvard and Suffolk County Community College (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  72. The backpack fallacy rears its ugly head once again (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  73. “Hi Andrew, there’s a new Effective Altruist billionaire giving away their money . . .” (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  74. Report on the large language model meeting at Berkeley (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  75. Bob Carpenter thinks GPT-4 is awesome. (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  76. TWiV 1037: Antibodies, the good (CoV), the bad (Ad), the beautiful (www.microbe.tv)
  77. The fundamental role of data partitioning in predictive model validation (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)
  78. A Simple Marketing Technique Could Make America Healthier (www.theatlantic.com)
  79. TWiV 1036: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  80. Drinking Water Is Easy (www.theatlantic.com)
  81. TWiV 1035: Poxvirus wars, warp speed COVID-19 vaccine rollout (www.microbe.tv)
  82. TWiV 1034: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  83. TWiV Special: Toppling the anti-vaxxer pyramid with "flu-shot cheerleader" Desiree Townsend (www.microbe.tv)
  84. An Adorable Way to Study How Kids Get Each Other Sick (www.theatlantic.com)
  85. We Must Learn to Love Our Sweat (www.theatlantic.com)
  86. TWiV 1033: Freediving with nanobodies and interferon (www.microbe.tv)
  87. Model life tables (freerangestats.info)
  88. TWiV 1032: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  89. The Problem With ‘Why Do People Live in Phoenix?’ (www.theatlantic.com)
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  91. Doctors Suddenly Got Way Better at Treating Eczema (www.theatlantic.com)
  92. What Does It Mean to Die of Heat? (www.theatlantic.com)
  93. TWiV 1031: Death on the West Nile (www.microbe.tv)
  94. Log transforms, geometric means and estimating population totals (freerangestats.info)
  95. TWiV 1030: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin (www.microbe.tv)
  96. TWiV 1029: David Tuller on Long COVID and ME/CFS (www.microbe.tv)
  97. Immune 70: Immunology of picky eating (www.microbe.tv)